Our buns

Poppy Popstar - rescued from a rabbit meat farm
Isabelle - rescued from a rabbit meat farm

Molly - found dumped at primary school

Ginger - saved from becoming a family's dinner

Both met here and are now a couple

Kitty Catastrophe - rescued from abandonded & vandalised house

Jack - surrendered after his partner died

Both met here and are now a couple

Rupert - surrendered due to head tilt

Peter - surrendered after partner died

Possum - surrendered at 5 months due to head tilt

Tessie - surrendered after partner "accidentally died"

Finn - surrendered when kids lost interest & too hard to groom

Saffy - sold off at Easter at only 5 months of age & badly matted

Sexy Rexy - surrendered at 6 years of age with a previously broken leg 

Missy - surrendered due to her long coat

Pumpkin - rescued from a construction site

Both met here and are now a couple

Ruby - born here in 2005 to a pregnant bunny found on the side of the road

Noodle - adopted due to genetic condition